Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I practise this simple and modern hypnotherapy. This approach differs from other methods of therapy by focusing on the solutions and how you want things to be, rather than analysing problems or the past. It is a safe and powerful psychotherapeutic tool and also an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience. It is a positive experience which uses hypnosis to help you achieve your own desired outcome. This therapy will help reduce levels of anxiety, which can either be the cause of many conditions or make conditions worse. It will help you have a clearer outlook on life and enjoy it.lighthouse image

In the initial consultation I will explain how the brain works with respect to your condition. This will help you to understand your experiences and problems. I will give you a CD to listen to, which will help with this process. The subsequent sessions will consist of two parts. In the first part we will work together, focusing on your goals and positive solutions. The second part of the session is hypnosis or trance, which is designed to consolidate the therapeutic work in the first part – it is also the relaxing part!

This therapy is a two way process so it is vital that you commit fully and be open to change. I help you find the solutions, which are usually buried deep inside, and, with the help of hypnosis, get the real you back. My aim is to change your life for the better.